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8 tourist destinations in Vietnam are more beautiful than heaven!

As a developing country located on the Pacific coast, Vietnam possesses many strong points for tourism development. Indeed, in addition to new lands outside the territory, many travel believers still choose to explore and check-in at tourist destinations in Vietnam. Not only finding new “virtual living” places, visitors also feel and rediscover the heroic history of the nation, as well as the wonderful natural landscapes of the South.

So during this holiday, instead of traveling to the lands outside the territory, why not admire the nature and indigenous people? Discover the most beautiful tourist destinations in Vietnam now!
1. Mu Cang Chai – Yen Bai 300km from Hanoi, but tourists still do not stop falling in love with Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai. This is one of the most prominent names when people want to visit and enjoy the beauty of the Northwest mountains. Not only domestic tourists, the “golden towns” here also attract many followers from all over the world. Coming to Mu Cang Chai, you should watch the season of ripe rice from September to October. The best places to see the “golden season” are Mong Ngua hill (Sang Nhu village), Tu Le commune, La Pan Tan,… Viewed from above, the valley below opens magnificently with each patch of brilliant fields, stretching to the top of the sky, interspersed with simple brown roofs and dreamy streams. In addition to terraced fields, Mu Cang Chai is also the leading trekking paradise in Vietnam. Passing Khau Pha pass, going through Hang Sung bamboo forest, conquering Pu Nhu waterfall, … you will feel great satisfaction, as if you have overcome yourself.

After visiting the mountains and forests, stop at the Mu Cang Chai ethnic villages to taste Tu Le sticky rice, apple cat,…! If you are more “brave”, you can try eating fried bee pupae, crispy roasted grasshoppers, … both fat and fleshy.

2. Pu Luong – Thanh Hoa

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Leaving the northwest to the south, you must visit Pu Luong in Thanh Hoa. if you think that the only consignment of land in Vietnam is terraced fields similar to those in the northwest, you are wrong! Pu Luong is beautiful and has much more landscapes. Don’t forget to book your tickets to Thanh Hoa early to facilitate hunting for deals!

First, we can visit this place in mid-summer – when the green rice is just sprouting. The cool air and every lush green field on the hillside will make you feel that Pu Luong is completely different from other places.

In addition, these terraced hills are surrounded by the Pu Luong Nature Reserve – perfect for “doing” a trek through the forest. Or, you can rent a hotel in Ba Thuoc overlooking the terraced rice fields and enjoy the wonderful view.

If you want to discover the identity and life of the people here, you should go to Kho Muong village. In simple huts, we will taste typical dishes, follow ethnic minority children visiting the fields, wading in streams, visiting waterfalls, …… It is extremely interesting. In addition, there is a superb checkpoint at the Paradise Gate in Ba Thuoc district, through the clouds that will make any devotee of “virtual life” nervous

3. Trang An-Nyung Binh

Among the Vietnamese destinations containing the most cultural and historical values, Trang An-Nyung Binh is undoubtedly the headliner. This ruin was recognized as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2014.

This scenic area gathers buildings associated with the majestic ancient capital of Hualu, deep in the magnificent limestone mountains and fantastic meandering rivers. If you are a devotee of cultural or spiritual tourism, some of the following buildings will “break your heart”. Tran Ninh Binh Temple, Tu Tru Temple, Suoi Tien Temple.

In particular, we can rent a boat to turn the water and go through the Lotus Lake and golden rice fields to Vu Lam Palace – one of the most beautiful buildings here. Besides man-made monuments, Trang An is also the capital of caves with many strangely shaped stalactites through the forests/clear lakes. Some of the caves highly appreciated by tourists are Nau Ruou Cave, Ba Giot Cave,…

To go to Trang An, you can book a ticket to Hanoi and then continue to Ninh Binh by bus/car/motorcycle. Travel time will fall around 2:30, so you can take advantage of the scenery along the way.

4. Hue City Tour Not only famous for its almost perfectly preserved ancient castle, Hue tour has many other famous checkpoints that we cannot ignore. This is the reason why plane tickets to Hue are warmly welcomed. One of them is Vong Canh Mountain and Thien An Mountain, just near the city center. Vong Canh Mountain “scores” with its majestic water view, while Thien An Mountain looks more serene with its fantastic road in the pine forest, so don’t rush to leave after taking photos on Thien An Mountain. After taking photos on Thien An Mountain, don’t rush to leave, the charming Thuy Tien Lake at the bottom of the mountain will make you “fall in love at first sight”. In addition to the natural scenery, Thuy Tien Lake also retains a dragon shaped work, which is now stained with moss, creating a very magical picture.

In Hue, there are also splendid ancient temples such as Thien Linh Pagoda – which was built according to the splendid and majestic southern architectural style; Thien Mu Pagoda with its bold Vietnamese character and pen pagoda piercing the blue sky in the middle of the fascinating mountain range; . In addition to the above landmarks, travel enthusiasts soon discovered many new check-in points on the road around the lake. La An, Rucha Forest, the lonely trees of Ha Cang village, .

5. Hoi An – Da Nang

How many people can skip Da Nang on a trip to Vietnam and how many come to Da Nang without visiting Hoi An? This town at the mouth of the sea is more poetic than other places in Vietnam, with rows of low yellow houses, nine kudzu blooming in front of the door, fantastic cobblestone streets, and the Hoi An River running through the town.

Just book a plane ticket to Da Nang and you can explore this beautiful city. After that, you can continue to take a bus/taxi or rent a motorcycle and reach Hoi An in just an hour’s drive.

Hoi An is full of tourists during the daytime. You can visit Faifo Cafe, sign in at the rooftop against the backdrop of the glorious Hoi An security view behind, go to Sunday in Hoi An to see the beautiful interior, take “virtual life” photos in front of the store. tam Quan Ba Mu pagoda and sign in front of the huge relief in front of the door,…

At night, Hoi An becomes more vibrant. At this time of the year, we can participate in traditional card games by the river, go for a walk on Lantern Street, cross the bridge tower or sit on a boat to release lanterns,… All these activities are very interesting!


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