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Aluminum frame hydraulic glass door – High quality hydraulic door

Aluminum and glass doors with hydraulic system, hydraulic doors, hydraulic glass doors or aluminum and glass doors with hydraulic hinges are all types of door products belonging to high-class aluminum and glass doors that use hydraulic floor hinges to help the door can automatically closing motion. So what is this hydraulic aluminum door line, what is the difference compared to ordinary aluminum glass doors? Let’s find out through the content of the article below with Phu Quy!

What is aluminum frame hydraulic glass door?

Aluminum and glass hydraulic doors are door models that are characterized for opening and closing the door by hydraulic hinges (floor hinges). With the structure of a large aluminum system combined with tempered glass panels created in parallel with floor hinges, creating a set of aluminum and glass doors with many outstanding and different features compared to conventional aluminum and glass doors.

Structure of aluminum and glass doors

Aluminum frame: Use Xingfa 65 aluminum system or large aluminum system with a thickness of up to 2mm

Glass: Use 10mm or 12mm tempered glass.

Floor hinges

Another set of accessories: upper wing clamp, handle, floor lock and lower steel truss accessory that connects the wing frame to the floor hinge

Làm cửa vách phòng ngủ cho gia đình anh Định - Ninh Thuận - NHÔM KÍNH NINH  THUẬN

Supply screws, silicone sealant, etc.

Aluminum frame is an important part to determine the quality of door sets. Usually, when using a glass aluminum door system, the door opening is relatively large and, with 10-12mm tempered glass, the load is heavy. Therefore, the thickness and type of aluminum strip determines the quality and safety of aluminum framed hydraulic doors.

Xingfa aluminum frame

Hingfa aluminum frames are usually used for revolving aluminum and glass doors and are combined with additional aluminum barcodes to create decorative details and increase the aesthetic appeal of the product.

The color of the aluminum bar can meet all the requirements of customers

The product uses advanced door corner pressing technology to create strength and aesthetic tightness for the door

Large aluminum frames

For large waiting boxes, large aluminum frames are often used, with aluminum strips up to 2mm thick and 140mm wide, creating a surface frame for the door.

The specifications of the aluminum strips are calculated in detail, making production and installation very fast, precise and particularly aesthetically pleasing.

Outstanding advantages of aluminum framed glass doors

Aluminum framed glass doors with hydraulic system are uniquely designed, exquisitely beautiful and bring a high degree of aesthetic appeal to the house.

The door’s opening and closing principle uses hydraulic hinges, so it can be opened and closed in both directions, making it very easy to open and close. At the same time, ordinary aluminum and glass doors can only open and close in one direction and cannot enter or exit.

Aluminum frame hydraulic door overcomes the shortcomings of tempered glass door in the wing corner position, because its structure has been covered by the aluminum frame. Therefore, it increases the impact resistance and safety of the aluminum frame hydraulic door, which is better than the ordinary glass door.

A variety of door colors are available for customers to choose from to match feng shui and the interior of each space

Aluminum framed hydraulic glass doors have high stability and durability during use after being manufactured and installed according to technical standards.

Aluminum glass doors with hydraulic system can be integrated with intelligent system functions, such as automatic door opening, fingerprint lock, magnetic lock, fingerprint timekeeping, etc.

The accessories are hidden after installation and only the aluminum frame system and handles around the glass door add aesthetic value.


The aluminum frame must ensure rigidity as well as withstand the load of the door. Therefore, two types of aluminum were chosen: Type 65 HINGFA aluminum with a thickness of 1.8 mm and large aluminum frames with a thickness of 2 mm.

Normally, 10mm tempered glass is more commonly used, but 12mm tempered glass can also be used depending on the actual situation.

Floor hinges must be chosen as good floor hinges. Floor hinges of reputable brands should be chosen, e.g. VVP, BM, Adler… In particular, floor hinges must be selected according to the load of the door, bearing the load of the door. ➤ See more articles.” How to choose the right floor hinge for a set of hydraulic glass doors”

Door handles are a highlight and an impressive detail of the product. You can choose from different handle lengths, such as H1000mm, H1400mm, H1800mm, and an extremely wide range of materials, such as gold-plated stainless steel or powder-coated stainless steel with aluminum profile strips of the same color.

The choice of accessories should be synchronized with the same brand to create a uniform block for the door set

Door dimensions

Aluminum and glass doors with hydraulic systems are usually installed on doors with a width of more than 1 meter.

Common door panel sizes are 80mm, 120mm, 140mm. the larger the door, the wider the leaf can be selected for balance.

Phu Quy is a specialized in the design, construction and installation of various aluminum and glass units, including: hydraulic glass doors, tempered glass doors, Xingfa aluminum and glass,…. , in the north, especially in Hanoi.

Fortune provides overall aluminum and glass services for all districts in Hanoi, including. Hoang Mai, Tay Hoa, Ba Dinh, Dong Da, Hai Ba Trung, Cao Gia, Ha Dong, Long Bien, North Tu Linh, South Tu Linh, Thanh Tri District, Hoai Duc District, Gia Lam District, Dong An District, ……… , and neighboring provinces such as Xing’an, Beining, Haiyang, Nam Dinh, Henan, Yongfu, etc.

The demand for installing hydraulic glass doors is increasing day by day, and there are many units providing hydraulic door installation services, but not all of them can guarantee the reputation of providing quality products to customers. And Fortune Aluminum and Glass Company is currently one of the TOP units in Hanoi supplying and installing the most famous hydraulic glass doors and hydraulic door series with aluminum frames.

Having been in the aluminum and glass industry for many years, Phu Quy is proud to be a supplier of hydraulic doors, aluminum and glass doors.


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