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Are young latex mattresses good Which brand of latex mattress should be chosen

Recently, the phrase “young latex mattress” has emerged as a trend in the mattress market. It attracted the attention of a large number of consumers, even many people chose to buy it because they mistakenly thought it was a natural latex mattress.

1. What is a young latex mattress?

In fact, a young latex mattress is a type of artificial rubber mattress, made from compounds such as Polyurethane, Synthetic Rubber, … with other additives added to shape and increase the elasticity of the mattress. However, the use of the phrase “young rubber” has been misleading, leading many people to believe that this is a mattress made from young rubber plastic.

Polyurethane material was discovered in 1937 when scientist Otto Bayer and his colleagues studied plastics. And in 1952, this material was only produced on an industrial scale, becoming a familiar material used in popular products: lining for backpacks, shoes, bags, clothes, sofas,…. and recently pillows and mattresses.

The salient features of young latex mattresses are: cheaper price than natural latex mattresses, high durability, smooth surface, good elasticity. Therefore, when pressing your hand on the mattress, there will be a slight subsidence, and after lifting your hand on the mattress, it will quickly return to its original state. The mattress has a high softness, very smooth, so it is suitable for those who have a habit of lying on soft cushions.

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2. Advantages and disadvantages of young latex mattresses

Reading this, you must be thinking. So, is a young latex mattress good? Should I use young latex mattress? Let’s move on to the pros and cons of this new line of young latex mattresses to get the most accurate answer and to know if this product is really for you!

Advantages of the young latex mattress.

Good support. The young latex mattress has good body support and gives the user a smooth feeling. In addition, when lying down, the surface of the mattress will sink by a reasonable margin and remain stable during use, so it always protects the spine as much as possible.

Safety: Since the young latex mattress has an integral structure, dirt, bacteria and mold cannot exist on the mattress. Therefore, the mattress is absolutely safe for the health of the user.

No noise. The young latex mattress does not make noise during use, even if it is turned continuously.

Long-term use: Young latex mattresses can be used for up to 8 to 10 years because polyurethane does not oxidize in the natural environment.

Inexpensive. Mattresses made of juvenile rubber are known for their low price and relatively high durability. With the amount of VND2 million to VND5 million, you can already have this kind of mattress. Therefore, it is suitable for most Vietnamese workers’ ability to pay.

Cool. The young latex mattress is designed with a ventilation system that helps to increase air circulation and create a cool feeling for the mattress.

Lightweight and easy to move. The young rubber material is light, so it’s easy to transport and clean.

Disadvantages of young latex mattresses

Not environmentally friendly: Compared to natural latex mattresses, young latex mattresses are less environmentally friendly

Softer compared to natural rubber: Not suitable for those who like to sleep on a hard mattress, or who are overweight, because then the mattress will often collapse and sink, causing discomfort to those lying on it, and even affecting the quality of the mattress. It is good for the joints.

The market is rampant with counterfeit goods: the market is often mixed with impurities of unknown origin, or no quality testing. There are even production sites use recycled rubber and plastic, which contains a large number of toxic substances. This will seriously affect the respiratory system and the health of consumers when breathing these toxic substances every night.

3. considerations when choosing and using young latex mattress

By the above analysis, if you have decided to buy a young latex mattress, please refer to some tips here on how to choose a very useful young latex mattress.

Choose a reputable sales address and a trustworthy brand: both will help you ensure maximum benefits when shopping, enjoy a better after-sales policy, and help you avoid counterfeit products on the Internet. Market.

Choose the right size: Choosing the right size of mattress needs to fit your bed, bed or lying position. Because, it not only enhances the beauty of your sleeping space, but also helps you to lie down comfortably and rest comfortably.

How to choose a young latex mattress: To know if a young mattress is good, when buying, press the mattress firmly with your hand and observe. If the surface of the mattress slowly recedes in at least 3-5 seconds, it is a good young latex mattress.

4. Recommend some quality latex mattresses in the market

At present, there are many famous brand names in the market such as. Van Thanh, Thang Loi, Lien A, Kim Cuong etc. are involved in the production and sale of young latex mattresses. Therefore, you can choose to buy products from these brands.

4.1 JADEITONE Latex Mattress

As a product of Diamond brand, made of young rubber with modern compression technology, the mattress has a good load-bearing capacity that does not cause settling and supports maximum spinal support. The mattress cover is made of high quality cotton, which is safe for health and breathable.

In addition, the design of the mattress has a youthful and modern style with 2 main shapes: flat mattress and double mattress for customers to choose from.

4.2 TATANA latex mattress

TATANA’s young latex mattress is made of 100% imported polyurethane, which is very supportive and the mattress is just soft enough to help users fall asleep easily.

Due to the durable structure of polyurethane, the mattress does not produce dust mites, thus saving time in cleaning the mattress and ensuring the health and safety of the user.

4.3 Thang Loi young latex mattress

Thang Loi young latex mattress is made of a mixture of mousse and rubber materials in a certain ratio, which helps the mattress to have good support and high elasticity. The mattress cover is made of Spandex fabric, which can hug the mattress and keep the surface of the mattress in a flat state without wrinkling.


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