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Beautiful High Heel Shoes Help Women Always Look Beautiful

High heels are gradually becoming an indispensable accessory for modern girls. They confidently strutted on branded high heels and mastered their own future. Let’s learn about this beauty weapon of women as well as hunt a few more fashion items into our shoe cabinet.

Women’s open toe high heels bring a trendy beauty

The open toe high heels always give the user a very elegant and gentle feeling in every step. This is definitely the perfect choice for young, dynamic girls.

  1. Open-toe low-cut square heels

Guốc cao gót giày nữ hàng hiệu cao cấp chính hãng mẫu đẹp thời trang Guốc  cao gót

If you are new to walking in 10 cm or 7 cm heels, a 3 to 5 cm shoe is a safe choice.

Also, the square sole design makes it easier for beginners to wear shoes. Or convenient, if you use it for long walks or outings, it is comfortable for your feet and not too uncomfortable.

With a large square sole that fits even the heel, walking in these shoes is also too easy for newcomers. The lanyard design is slim, easy to use and looks very youthful.

The shiny leather gives a luxurious feel. It doesn’t matter whether you take it to rustic or luxurious places.

We have about four color schemes to choose from: cream, black, red and cream. All four of these colors are popular because they are easy to coordinate. In particular, the cream color shown above is the most appreciated because it helps make your legs noticeably whiter and is also a very luxurious looking color scheme. Also, recently, red heels have become a bold choice for women.

2. Juno open-toe heels

Juno is a Vietnamese fashion brand that specializes in bags and shoes for women. The shoes are made by the hands and brains of Vietnamese people. As a result, the products manufactured always meet the needs of domestic consumers in terms of design, quality and production costs.

The newly released shoes of Juno family are impeccably designed. The whole pair of shoes is covered with a very beautiful and luxurious layer of glitter. A pair of small square-soled high heels, about 3 to 5 cm high. It is the ideal height for comfortable walking.

A special feature is not only the glitter layer that covers the entire shoe, but also the laces made of extremely delicate and fancy pearls.

This shoe is considered to be one of the most beautiful women’s high heels in the Juno brand. There are two extremely eye-catching color schemes in this design, one is a pair of leather colored heels as mentioned above and the other is a luxurious light gray color scheme.

3. Open-toe transparent heels

In recent times, this type of shoe has suddenly become more sought after than ever before. One really cannot be picky about this popular trendy shoe because it is really not easy to wear or coordinate because of its simplicity, but the visual effect it brings is very high.

High Heeled Doll Shoes

If you have confidence in your feet, why hesitate to get yourself one of these beautiful clear high heels. Your whole foot is subtly shown off.

And even if you are not confident about your feet, I suggest you try it once because the shape of the women’s heels makes your feet look very beautiful, slim and soft.

This is a fashionable piece that is extremely easy to coordinate with your outfit and can be used in any situation, whether you are going to a party or out with friends. Whether you are wearing a stylish dress or simply a pair of pants with a personality of jeans, it will still enhance the femininity and sweetness of your legs.

Currently, there are many different types and designs of sheer heels for you to choose from. Generally, the price of shoes with inner straps like this is only between over VND150,000 to almost VND300,000.

4. Korean style open-toe high heels

This is a perfect choice for a pair of feet that feel tired of wearing high heels all day but don’t want to look sloppy in shoes of limited height.

It has an extremely fancy design and color scheme that brings out very subtle color contrasts in the suede material. The compact keychain laces make your feet look very luxurious. The height of these shoes can help you cheat quite a bit. Also, since this is a canoe shoe, it is very easy to put on and walk in without having to worry about heel pain or fatigue due to prolonged wear.

This version of the Korean suede heels was released in three colorways: yellow-blue, black-gray and light pink-gray.

All three colorways are priced at only about VND250,000 on the Vietnam online sales website.

5. High-heeled sandals with square bottom and braided straps

High-heeled models with quite young and eye-catching designs always receive preference from fashionistas. The style of braided fashion never goes out of fashion, especially since it has more and more fancy variations to meet the tastes of users.

Get yourself a pair of these square knitted square heel sandals and lead this fashion trend that is full of character but not lacking in allure.

The laces and straps are crisscrossed and look very eye-catching. The lines weave from the top to the heel, ending with a pretty, delicate bow. This is an extremely luxurious and fancy option to add sparkle to a girl’s leg.

This knitted design is available in three color schemes: white, cream and a unique, rich tan. In any color scheme, this knit style is great for any fastidious girl’s feet because it’s easy to wear and coordinate without worrying about being fussy.

Has a smart design that is extremely seductive and a bit rebellious. Subtle, elegant colors. The price of these shoes is still quite moderate at only about VND270,000


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