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best-selling scooter model in the first half of 2022

The top 10 best-selling scooters in the first half of 2022 are dominated by two giants Honda and Yamaha, each holding 50% of the ranking with scooters from popular to high-end… An overview of scooters in the top 10 scooter models in 2022, Giaxe.2banh will send readers the latest general information, along with specific selling prices at the latest dealer through the article. write Top 10 best-selling scooter models in the first half of 2022…!!!

Top 10 best-selling scooter models in the first half of 2022

1/ Honda Vision 2022

So sánh Vision tiêu chuẩn và cao cấp - Phiên bản nào đáng mua nhất? - Kinh  Doanh Xe 24h

According to the latest survey in the first half of 2017, sales in March 2017 exceeded 31,000 units, up 28 percent over the same period, and the Honda Vision continued to top the list of the top 10 best-selling scooter models in the first half of the year. 2022. Rated as a popular scooter model with a compact body for Vietnamese, a large number of potential customers are students, and a design to suit almost everyone. Theme. The Vision 2022 scooter model with a young and dynamic new design is assessed to continue to lead until the end of 2022. The Vision 2022 scooter is currently available at dealers at a slightly increased price compared to the suggested price. The price of the old version, especially the matte black version, is VND34,490,000 and the price of the Vision version in other colors is about VND29,990,000 (including VAT, excluding registration fee and number plate).

The new Honda Vision 2022 is equipped with eSP – a new generation intelligent engine with compact design, 110cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled & integrated with the most advanced technology to bring to customers. Driving utilities towards comfort and meeting the needs of daily use. Modern design 4-in-1 multi-functional lock, including electric lock, magnetic lock, neck lock and saddle lock – increased security, easy to use and effective rust prevention. Large under-seat storage box and spacious front storage box help users feel convenient when they need to carry a lot of personal items on the go.

2/ Honda Air Knife

The Honda Air Knife 2022 is a scooter model that is currently receiving a lot of attention from consumers. The Air Knife 2022 targets potential customers from young to middle-aged people. Elderly people. The Air Blade 2022 is predicted by many to continue to dominate high sales in the Vietnamese market due to the strength of the number of loyal and trustworthy customers using this product line. The Honda Air Blade 125cc features a second generation 125cc ESP engine block, LED lighting system, Idling Stop temporary engine shutdown mechanism, and Combi brake support system to provide driver safety and security.

Among the top 10 scooters, the Honda Air Blade 2022 is currently following the Vision in sales with a gap of over 6,000 units, selling nearly 26,000 units, down 12% over the same period, accepting to let the Vision overtake after standing in second place. Currently, Honda Air Blade is priced above the suggested price at dealers from VND1 million to VND5 million, which is also the price without rolling. The price of the Sport version is VND40.5 million, the price of the Premium version is VND42 million, the highest price of the Matte Black version is VND45.2 million, and the Magnetic paint version //.

3/ Honda Leading 2022 Smart Key

Among the popular scooters, Honda Lead 2022 is sought after by many people today. With the new Lead 125 2022, the Japanese automaker showcases the unisex design common on many of its products. While the scooter model is suitable for women, men will have no problem using the Lead. The bike is an upgrade and improvement from the previous Lead version by Honda Vietnam, bringing a new dynamic style that helps users experience something different from other scooters. In the same field, the scooter is equipped with second generation ESP 125cc engine block, EVAPO gas control system, ACG integrated starter, Idling Stop temporary engine shutdown, Combi brake support system safety, Smartkey smart key system for the driver and modern LED lighting system.

According to FDI’s statistical tables, the top-selling scooters in 2016 were ranked with nearly 206,000 units sold. The Honda Pilot maintained its position as the third best-selling scooter in 2016 with nearly 206,000 units sold, (down slightly by 2% compared to 2015), which equates to more than 17,000 units per month, the Pilot is now the model that makes the Vietnamese happy. The fever in 2016 will probably continue in 2022 due to the new launch of the Smartkey Lead car in 2022. officially sold on August 3, 2017, the price of the Lead car in 2022 is VND1 million to VND3 million higher than the recommended price at dealers. The standard version is VND39,200,000 and the smart key premium version is VND42,300,000 (including VAT, excluding registration fees and license plates).

4/ Honda sh model 2022

With overall dimensions of 1,930 x 669 x 1,105 mm, weighing 118 kg, a wheelbase of 1,304 mm, saddle height of 765 mm, ground clearance of 146 mm and a 5.5-liter fuel tank, the Sh Model 2022 is somewhat reluctant in carrying the direction of the combination model. the 2022 Sh Model is not much different from the old version, and the most striking new point in the design this time is the addition of a unique two-tone saddle, creating a luxurious and upscale look for this scooter model. However, the sh mode 2022 seems to be “better” in terms of exterior design, being more luxurious and stylish.

The new Honda SH mode 125cc will be officially introduced to the market today


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