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Black Rouge Rose Velvet Lipstick

True to its name, Black Rouge Rose Velvet lipstick is created based on the inspiration from the seductively blooming rose. The line of lipsticks both brings a brilliant beauty and brings a loving beauty that is enough to attract all eyes. Perhaps this is why Black Rouge Rose Velvet lipstick is considered the most worth buying Korean lipstick today.

Evaluating the product packaging, I found the cylindrical packaging design to be extremely small and extremely cute. The lipstick box has a sweet pink color imprinted with the brand name in a luxurious style. When opening the lipstick box, the lipstick inside has a beveled tip that makes it very easy for me to spread the lipstick all over my lips. I can also use the tip of the lipstick to line my lips without any difficulty.

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Regarding the lipstick inside the lipstick, it is an ultra-light waxy lipstick that provides a smooth, flat surface. Even though I applied a thick layer of lipstick, I still didn’t feel my lips were heavy. Instead, it is a smooth lip sensation with a super smooth matte finish. In particular, this high-end lipstick collection offers the following 5 different shades for women to choose from

R01 Lady Rose has the red tones of Jerry with a hint of glamorous pink tones. This is a lipstick color that brings a powerful beauty to a luxurious lady. This shade is not fussy but sometimes makes the enamel in the teeth a little dull.

R02 Sunshine Rose is a reddish-brown lipstick that gives a warm feeling like the afternoon sun shining on fresh flower petals. The color of this lipstick mixes a little dark brown and a little red-orange to help the lady’s lips look very hot.

R03 Latte Rose is a red rose orange color that gives a bright beauty like rose petals in autumn. This lipstick mixes red and pink to help you fully feel the taste of a warm cup of latte in the new day. The lipstick is often used for a ladylike make-up for young girls with bright white skin.

R04 Burgundy Rose is a lipstick plum red color is like the color of wine and is mesmerizing. Lipsticks with a touch of glamour are a favorite choice for sexy ladies. The sweet but slightly astringent plum red helps her make a lasting impression on the first date. This lipstick color is both intense and cool. Yet provocative and attractive at the same time.

R05 Wild Rose has the earthy pink color of a wild but mature rose. Inside the lipstick, there is a warm coral pink that doesn’t stand out but still shows its personality. When mixed with a touch of peach, this lipstick becomes even more unique. The bold shade brings the beauty of sophistication to the mature girl who is looking for an elegant style.

Is black and red lipstick safe?

There are many lines of lipstick on the market today that contain toxic lead that can turn the user’s lips black. If you use lipstick contaminated with lead for a long time, your body will accumulate the heavy metal. Therefore, many women are also afraid and question the safety of black red lipstick.

In fact, almost all lipstick lines contain lead inside to increase the adhesion of the color and extremely standard color. However, the amount of lead in the high-end product line will be within the permissible range so as not to darken the lips and affect the health of the user. And the Black Rouge lipstick line is one of them.

It is known that the lead content in Korean lipsticks meets the US FDA standard of 1.11 mg of lead/1 kg of lipstick. A Black Rouge lipstick weighing 1.5 grams contains only a very small amount of lead, within the allowable range of 0.000165 mg. However, the product still guarantees the lipstick’s coloring ability and stickiness.

The premium lipsticks meet quality standards and are safe for all Iva. This includes pregnant and lactating women. Therefore, you can safely choose to buy your own Black Rouge lipsticks from Pickle Zone.

Which Black Rouge Lipsticks Should I Buy?

Faced with 3 different choices from the three famous lipstick collections of the Black Rouge brand, I am totally leaning towards the Black Rouge Rose Velvet Lipstick. The product line totally conquered me with its outstanding advantages as follows

About the design. Black Rouge Rose Velvet Lipstick has a small and cute cylindrical packaging design. The sweet pink lipstick case is printed with the brand name in a luxurious style. The lipstick inside in particular has a slanted beveled tip that makes it easy for the user to blend out the full lips. You can also easily outline your lips with the tip of the lipstick without any difficulty.

About the lipstick. Black Red Rose Velvet Lipstick has an ultra-light waxy substance with excellent smoothness. The finish layer on the top of the lipstick is also very smooth, so the lips always look smooth and soft. The product gives the ability to hold on to color for a long time and does not create a heavy feeling on the lips even when applied in a very thick layer.

About the lipstick palette. the Black Rouge Rose Velvet lipstick palette is quite diverse and extremely stylish. The range is suitable for all makeup styles, from gentle lady to regal glamour.

Regarding safety, Black Rouge Rose Velvet lipstick has a microscopic lead content below the permissible limit. The product does not darken the lips and does not cause any harm to the user’s health.

It can be said that Black Rouge is a high-end Korean lipstick line, but with a quite affordable price. Each lipstick is carefully taken care of to the point of perfection from the appearance to the quality of the lipstick inside. The product impresses many with a superb quality lipstick collection that is stylish in its shades and does not pick at skin tones.


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