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Black Vento Sandals

Colors that favor deep, dark colors such as black purple, dark blue or gray and green will be a good suggestion for you. In which, black is still the dominant color and is loved by many young people.

This item from Vento has the sole and strap in the same tone. Some more special styles have white soles. The contrast between these two colors will make you look even more attractive.

Men’s Vento Sandals Price

Genuine Vento sandals have prices ranging from 250,000 VND to 400,000 VND. If there is a price below this level, this is definitely not the real thing. You can also note this to distinguish it from fake shoes.

Giày sandal cho bé trai, bé gái từ 3-12 tuổi năng động

Bitsy Sandals

Bitters Shoes

The shoe brand of my childhood is “back” with an extremely high quality and beautiful product

The 8x and 9x generations must have heard of the Bitis shoe brand with the slogan “Caring for Vietnamese feet”. For schoolgirls at the time, having a pair of Bitis shoes to wear was a matter of great pride.

The reason why Bitis is so “popular” in the domestic market is that its products are very durable. It’s like a guarantee of quality, of quality.

After a development process full of ups and downs, Bitis (short for Binh Tien) has gradually returned and “become much more profitable”. Thanks to a smart and groundbreaking marketing strategy, Bitis now ranks among the top footwear brands favored by young people in the country. In addition to the popular Hunter sneaker line, Bitis’ men’s sandals are also worth your consideration.

Beautiful sandals for men!

The shape of Bites’ sandals fits the foot better than other brands. This is also an advantage of this item because it makes every step you take lighter and faster.

The novelty of Bitis shoes is that the shoes are connected to each other by a vertical strap on the right side. For people with short feet, this will help your legs look more balanced.

The PU leather material is both durable and beautiful, helping Bitis get rave reviews from customers in the first place. Putting safety first, the sole of the Bitis sandal is also equipped with anti-slip grooves. In winter, when wet weather makes it easy to slip and fall if you’re not careful, this is minimized with Bitis shoes.

Bitis Men’s Sandals Price

Bitis has a certain status compared to domestic footwear brands. As a result, the price of this item will also be slightly higher. The average price of a real pair of Bitis is between VND400,000 and VND700,000. If he wants to change his daily style, he should buy himself a pair of Bitis sandals.

Fira sandals

Fira is a name that is very familiar to young people these days. The fashion products of this brand are abundantly available in the Vietnamese market. Wherever you go, you will see Fila shirts, Fila sneakers, Fila backpacks, and Fila sandals are also used a lot. This is also a good choice for your active modern life.

Fila is a Korean sportswear brand originating from the beautiful country of Italy. It has a huge influence in the sports world. Fila sandals always bring youth and strength and truly embody the spirit of sports

Identifying the real Fila sandals

As with other famous brands, the company’s products are often counterfeited for profit. As a smart customer, you need to know how to distinguish what is real and what is fake. Take a close look at the exterior of the sandal and make a comparison.

First is the box. For popular brands, the shoe box is very important. The box is very hard and smooth. If you buy a Fila shoe without a shoe box, it is definitely a fake.

Pay close attention to every seam on the shoes you intend to buy, genuine shoes are always very neat and complete. Almost all of the seams are very even and nice, with no small imperfections.

In contrast, fake shoes have a lot of detailing errors and sometimes white glue left on the grooves of the shoe. Gently bend the shoe with your hand, if it’s too stiff, it’s a fake shoe. Real shoes are made of good materials, so the elasticity is also high, creating a comfortable feeling for the wearer.

Fila Men’s Sandals Design

Fila has four main colors that are always associated with it: white, red, blue and black. These are also the colors found on the brand’s logo. For the sandals, Fila has integrated these colors into the straps. The top two straps are dark blue and the back straps are red. The sole of the shoe is white, which makes it stand out even more.

Men’s high heel sandals

Fira High Heeled Sandals

The familiar feature of the Fira shoe has always been the bunker style, so even its sneakers or sandals have a very thick and high sole. A special highlight is the extreme jagged style. It is quite new and unique.

Guys who are looking for a cool and individual style should choose Fira sandals. His street style will surely attract the attention of everyone around him.

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The Real Nike Sandals

Nike and Adidas are always battling for position on the revenue charts. These two big names in the world of sports fashion village always bring out extremely impressive products.

If Adidas goes for simplicity in its designs, Nike’s shoe styles are more or less unique and quirky. The company’s prestige is reflected in the favor of many famous Hollywood stars.

The iconic cross-strap sandal!

Nike Sandals

Nike’s stylish and extreme brand of shoes

Check out the price of men’s Nike sandals

Nike shoes are more often styled with cross straps. The advantage of these shoes is that they help the feet look slimmer. If he is unfortunate enough to have an oversized foot, he does not need to worry too much because he already has this thing.

This cross-stitching also comes in a very rich variety of colors. It is usually a combination of two colors, one standing out and the other slightly muted. For example, black and red, red and gray, green and yellow, etc.


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