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Bread shoes, also known as Platform shoes, are a special type of shoe, it is a variation of Sneaker or Sandal shoes but with thick soles. That’s why this type of shoe is often called a bread shoe. This is the choice for girls who like to have a personality, active and healthy appearance. For men, this type of shoe is also one of the must-have items. A pair of high-class bread shoes will enhance the elegance and elegance for gentlemen in the office, so for both men and women, it is really necessary. What are you waiting for, but let’s discover right away the top 10 most popular and most popular models of beautiful and stylish bread shoes today!

1. Beautiful women’s bread shoes


When it comes to shoes for women, most people often know about feminine high heels, or gentle and cute slip-on shoes that ignore the stylish loafer sneaker. Like bread sandals, these new and unique shoe models not only give girls a youthful style, , dynamic, but also help her improve her height, enhance her beautiful and extremely effective figure. Although not recently appeared, women’s loafers still create a fever in the fashion world. When it first appeared on the market, shoes had a high but flat sole, the right shape and size for your feet.

White loafers

High-soled loafers must mention the perfect combination of Sneakers and their towering soles. This type of shoe seems to be just a simple sports shoe, but it is thanks to the special sole that makes this item extremely outstanding.
Women’s loafers with high soles rivets

The soles of bread shoes have many diverse designs, so women are spoiled for choice. You can choose for yourself a pair of sneakers with flat soles and tapered according to the size of the shoe. The color depends on each person’s taste, but you can choose the right color, but the beautiful and easy-to-match colors must be mentioned: black and white or white and extremely trendy metallic gold toe cap… If you are safe and want to have a cool style for yourself, perhaps a pair of riveted leather shoes with a high sole will be a good suggestion for you.

Women’s Oxford shoes with bread soles

Not only is a shoe brand exclusively for men, but Oxford bread shoes also have separate designs for women. The shoes above are suitable for girls who are not too gentle, feminine but also not too thorny to use rivet bread shoes. That’s why this style of women’s shoes is very popular and chosen by many women. What are you waiting for, don’t buy yourself a pair right now! You will surely be satisfied.
2. Sandal shoes with bread soles

A new shoe style that appeared in 2012 is the loafers. Initially, loafers were popular when combined with sports shoes. However, soon after that, shoe designers skillfully combined them with sandals to create beautiful sandals. The attraction of this shoe style to the fashion world is not small. Not a trend that rises and falls, sandals with loafers are sustainably received, making this model a hot item for girls who love novelty and originality. If you are bored or have too many loafers and still love this special shoe, don’t worry, we will introduce you to extremely cool loafers for your feet. Still very cute and stylish.
3. Doll shoes with bread soles

This is a shoe model for girls who prefer femininity and sweetness like princesses in fairy tales. This type of shoe must be said to be very popular and quickly sold out. Compared with dynamic, youthful sneakers or stylish women’s Oxford bread shoes, the loaf sole doll shoes are very feminine, like a “woman’s manifesto”. One thing is for sure, any girl who wears these loafers is very attractive to boys because of her sweetness and grace. Just like babie dolls, you are also the princess of your life! The design of the loaf shoe has two forms: one is a doll shoe with an ankle strap and the other is a full-body hug and both of these models are very beautiful and made of good, durable materials. You feel secure offline. Bread sole doll shoes are very suitable to coordinate with feminine outfits such as off-shoulder tops, crop tops, skirts, flared dresses…
4. High-collar loafers

Another type of shoe that causes a fashionista fever is a very high-quality high-neck shoe. To get this extremely impressive design, footwear companies have combined high-neck Sneakers with bread soles. This shoe style is hot trend of this summer. The advantage of high-top loafers is that it will help you look taller and have a very impressive and attractive legs. Especially boys and girls who love stylish fashion, make sure that a pair of high-neck shoes will be indispensable on their shoe rack. You just need to know how to mix properly and you will have a perfect whole. Bread high boots have many different models and colors, you can freely choose according to your taste and style.
5. Women’s loafers with bread soles

Loafers (also known as loafers) with the English name Loafer are a type of shoe with a simple design, no laces and quick use, not too fussy because no socks are needed, but it still keeps her charming and charming lines. Women in addition to high heels or sports, must have a new pair of lazy shoes right away. Ordinary loafers have been extremely effective because of their convenience, let alone now combine with bread soles to create women’s loafers with bread soles, so they are extremely popular because they help women increase their muscle height. body. Not only comfortable in every step but also a “powerful weapon” to help her improve her height, why not own a pair right away? Women’s loafers with bread soles today have many different designs and colors, but there are two simple but always beautiful colors that are black and white.
6. Converse shoes with bread soles

In 2012, with the rise of banh mi shoes – a very special shoe and immediately received the support of fashionistas, many brands have combined their inherent shoes with this type of shoe. to launch loafers and converse shoes are no exception. The above combination is extremely effective, the shape design of the converse shoe is inherently beautiful, so when the sole is designed with a bread sole, it is even more beautiful. Colors are diverse, rich according to the preferences of boys and girls. You can choose a pair of converse with a high-collar breadboard full of personality or a simple, light low-neck.
7. Women’s boots with bread soles

Boots when combined with bread soles will create women’s boots with bread soles that will not only help you “extend your legs” but also be an extremely beautiful accessory because indeed from the form to the color. The color of the boots is so pretty. Currently, loafers are being sold on electronic sites, so please book now to get a quality pair of cheap shoes!


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