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Can not be ignored with the most beautiful women’s leather strap watches in 2021 genuine

Women’s leather strap watches have always been popular thanks to their fashion, variety of colors as well as the ability to customize sizes more flexibly than metal strap models.

Besides the design of the case and face, the watch strap is also very interested by women. Because, most people will see the strap first and the color of the strap also greatly affects the overall look of the outfit.

Here are suggestions for the “best seller” leather strap women’s watches from the Curnon brand that are extremely sought after by young people today. You can refer to the most impressive outfit suggestions here to perfect your fashion style and highlight your personality.

Should women wear leather or metal watches?

Normally, we are all very fond of leather goods. The natural and soft feel of cowhide creates a pleasant feeling. They are much more comfortable than wearing metal straps. Leather straps also come in a variety of colors to choose from designed to match your outfit perfectly.

If you are using the watch for formal occasions, a leather strap is usually a more suitable choice. They look much more stylish and often go well with the accessory of a leather belt. “All the accessories need to match” – That’s what any stylist will tell you.

Giá Những Mẫu Đồng Hồ Nữ Cao Cấp Dây Da Đẹp TPHCM

However, this does not mean that metal straps are not suitable for formal occasions, just that leather straps look more stylish.

The most famous women’s leather strap watch models with rectangular faces, beautiful smaller versions

Still faithful to the timeless minimalist design style, the Santorini collection by Konon impresses with its angular rectangular face design, distinctive and full of character. This is the spirit that this number one Vietnamese watch brand wants to convey to its customers.” Why not?” Always asserting itself with confidence and constantly reaching new heights.

Eye-catching red Santorini Fauna model

This square dial model by Cunon has a very elegant color scheme with a bit of a vintage look. The white dial has small rectangular shaped hour dots and the rose gold color is very harmonious with the bezel of the same color.

Especially the dial detail without numbers and the luxurious light brown leather strap; Santorini Fana will be very suitable for girls who love vintage trends, elegant and very feminine.

Glamorous Black Santorini Gaia Ladies Leather Strap Watch

Santorini Gaia will be the perfect choice for women seeking an individual style, with a unique combination of mysterious black and modern, youthful rose gold color.

This contrast adds to the appeal of this square-faced model by Konon, making Gaia one of those products that are always out of stock. In fact, this women’s watch with black leather strap, although very distinctive, is very easy to coordinate with an outfit.

So, what could be better than being able to have a versatile design at an extremely affordable price. In addition, Curnon also has a collection of leather straps in many other colors, such as gray, cobalt blue…

The Most Famous Beautiful Dome Glass Leather Strap Watches for Women

Aimed at young, energetic city girls, Curnon’s Hamilton round dial models are inspired by the distant Australian islands, free spirited and full of energy. In addition, the domed glass detail is a unique touch that helps make the girl’s style more attractive.

Konon Hamilton Lydia Blue Leather Strap Women’s Watch

It can be said that the Lydia model is a perfect representation of the minimalist design that Curnon has been pursuing. It features a white round dial with a soft feminine rose gold metal border.

The Hamilton Lydia’s hour markers are stylized into subtle dots that harmonize perfectly with the whole. Finally, a blue leather strap creates a bold accent with a youthful oceanic orientation.

Hamilton Scarlett Black Women’s Leather Strap Watch

In contrast to the youthful and fresh feel that the Lydia model brings, the Hamilton Scarlett model is more luxurious and serious. This watch retains the slim, delicate lines that are a distinctive design feature of the Hamilton collection.

However, the overall black and rose gold colors create a sophisticated feminine feel that strives for perfection in both style and lifestyle.

10 Ideas to Coordinate the Most Beautiful and Stylish Leather Strap Watches for Women

To help you have more options in matching your clothes and leather watch accessories, let’s get the following 10 impressive outfit ideas “in the bag” right away to have the perfect look in any situation.

1. Combine a women’s leather strap watch with a stylish blazer and midriff

It’s easy to sympathize with the opposite side of the spectrum when combining a sharp tailored blazer with an elegant midriff skirt. Don’t forget to complete the ensemble with a brown and black watch for added courtesy and sophistication.

2. Mix a black leather strap watch for women with a cool brown leather jacket

For those girls who want to show their extreme self, a cool black watch with a cool leather jacket will be a good choice.

3. Mixing a blue leather strap women’s watch with jeans and a youthful wheaten shirt

Most of Curnon’s round face watches are easy to coordinate with any outfit. However, the choice to combine with jeans and sporty crop tops, while keeping the spirit of the design, is still loved by most of Curnon’s young customers.

4. Combining women’s leather watches with pants and light, individual white shirts

The combination of pants and shirt is a typical office suit in Vietnam. Therefore, adding a watch with elegant design from Curnon will help you make a difference in the monotonous office environment.

5. High-grade ladies’ leather strap watch with square or rectangular face with tweed dress

When choosing this outfit with a characterful black watch, your aura and fashion will be enhanced.

6. Women’s red leather strap watch with a fashionable one-piece skirt

A knee-length jumpsuit with voluminous sleeves is a perfect match for any classic design watch.

7. Blue watch and denim shorts + simple T-shirt

The great thing about minimalist design watches is that they can be combined with any outfit, any style and age.


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