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Can pregnant women drink orange juice

Whether pregnant or not drinking orange juice depends on the location and health status of each person. Drinking orange juice properly will help pregnant women receive many great health benefits.

1. Is drinking orange juice good for pregnant women?

Many women wonder whether pregnant women can drink orange juice? The good news for pregnant women is that it’s completely safe to drink orange juice during pregnancy. Orange juice contains many essential nutrients for the health of the pregnant mother and the growing fetus in the womb. Here are the amazing health benefits of orange juice for pregnant women:

1.1.Support to strengthen the immune system during pregnancy

According to leading experts, orange juice contains abundant vitamins and calcium, higher than dairy products. When pregnant women drink orange juice in moderation, it can promote the health of the immune system and fight against seasonal flu.

Not only has the ability to prevent colds, drinking orange juice is also quite effective in treating coughs. During pregnancy, women can easily catch the flu and have an unpleasant cough, if the cough is severe or persistent, it can lead to premature birth. To soothe a cough during pregnancy, you can apply natural methods such as drinking orange juice, eating baked orange peels or ginger marmalade.

Bà bầu uống nước cam được không, có tốt không và uống bao nhiêu là đủ?

1.2.Helps to supply abundant vitamins and minerals for the body.

To find out if drinking orange juice is good for pregnant women, we need to look at the nutritional content of this drink. One of the richest vitamins in orange juice is vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the body’s defenses and barrier to protect the body from pathogens during pregnancy.

On the other hand, orange juice also provides a large amount of essential minerals such as iron and zinc, which are very beneficial for the immune system of the fetus. Therefore, expectant mothers can drink orange juice or eat fresh oranges daily to supplement the best source of nutrients for the body and baby in the womb.

1.3.Help to prevent and eliminate constipation during pregnancy.

Constipation during pregnancy is often associated with inconvenience for pregnant women. In the long run, constipation can have a negative effect on the digestive tract. In addition, pregnant women are more prone to morning sickness and eating problems. However, these phenomena can be effectively combated by consuming orange juice in moderation on a daily basis.

In addition, oranges contain a high amount of dietary fiber, which promotes intestinal peristalsis, making the digestion of food and the elimination of waste from the body more effective.

1.4. Support brain development and prevent birth defects.

During pregnancy, the need for folate (folic acid) is always an important issue, because this nutrient is essential for the development of the fetal brain and contributes to the prevention of birth defects. in infants by 5 to 10 times. One of the foods that can meet the folate needs of pregnant women is orange juice. Therefore, pregnant women should regularly add orange juice to their diet to ensure an adequate supply of folic acid for both mother and child.

1.5. Improve respiratory health and control blood pressure well.

Fresh orange juice contains abundant carotene, which helps to improve and maintain the respiratory health of pregnant women during pregnancy. In addition, orange juice contains a large amount of magnesium and flavonoids, which can stabilize blood pressure. This is especially beneficial for pregnant women with a history of blood pressure problems.

1.6 Promote skin hydration and beauty.

Promoting hydration can help increase the ability of new cells to reproduce, speed up the replacement of old cells, helping pregnant women stay healthy, counteract aging and prevent free radicals. The large amount of vitamin C in orange juice is considered an ideal drink for hydrating the body. Pregnant women who drink orange juice daily in moderation can achieve antioxidant effects, keep the skin supple and retain the necessary moisture. This also helps pregnant women cope better with acne during pregnancy.

The mechanism by which orange juice promotes hydration of the body is due to its abundant content of potassium and sodium. Therefore, pregnant women should drink orange juice regularly during the first three months of pregnancy to support the rapid regeneration of new cells and collagen restructuring of the skin. This helps keep the skin fresh and healthy. In addition, orange juice contains a large amount of B vitamins, which have the following effects.

Vitamin B1: Promotes blood circulation, helps balance metabolism and beautify the skin of pregnant women.

Vitamin B2: Helps regenerate blood cells, skin and intestinal mucosa, promotes blood circulation and helps pregnant women’s skin become smooth and reddish.

Vitamin B5: Contributes to the improvement of skin health and ensures that the body of the expectant mother works effectively.

Vitamin B6: Prevents and reverses anemia, helps produce more hormones to regulate and support a healthier body of the expectant mother.

1.7.Drinking orange juice during pregnancy prevents allergies.

In the first three months of pregnancy, the hormones in the mother’s body change greatly, the progesterone and estrogen levels increase rapidly, stimulating some components of the plasma such as prolactin and glucocorticoids. This sudden change may cause blood vessels in the venous system to dilate, resulting in an itchy reaction. In addition, pregnancy allergies also cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, wheezing, nausea, and difficulty with bowel movements.


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