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Chanel Chance EDP – Classic fragrance

Chanel chance EDP women’s perfume, launched in 2003 by Chanel, is the creative crystallization of the most influential powerful woman in the world of the 20th century – Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. Chance Chanel EDP was once praised by women that whoever you are, where you are, what work are you doing? Just spray on yourself a little taste of Chance Chanel will help you become luxurious, noble and always the center of all eyes. It is no wonder that Chanel Chance perfume is considered as a symbol of “myth” by the harmony of delicately extracted scents, a symbol of luck for all girls. .

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You won’t be surprised when you meet “members” of the “family of top luxury fragrances” who are angular in appearance, passionate and intense in scent, and contain an independent and keen ego.” –Chanel. However, Chanel chance EDP chose a completely different path for herself. As she was endowed with luck, happiness and “opportunity” from the moment of her birth, Chanel Chance EDP is designed in the image of Circle – the circle of luck, goodness and true completeness.

Chanel Chance EDP comes with a high concentration of Eau de Toilette (EDP) and contains a high flow of essential oils. As a result, the scent can stay on your skin for 7 to 12 hours. The captivating scent spreads over a long distance, making you easily recognized by the other person. Chanel Chance perfume has a classic fragrance that is best suited for use in the ambiance of fall and winter weather.

Chanel Chance EDP Perfume for Women

Chanel Chance EDP has a scent retention time of 7 to 12+ hours

Dior Hypnotic Poison EDP – Hypnotic

Dior Hypnotic Poison EDP – a “narcotic” – is the ultimate secret weapon presented to women by the Christian Dior fragrance house in 2014 with the most seductive power. Blended with the best unique notes, stacking contrasting flavors into balance, Dior Hypnotic Poison is exactly the magical “medicine” that Dior brings to the modern woman.

Undoubtedly one of the legendary fragrance lines, Dior Hypnotic Poison EDP has been on the best-selling list throughout its history. This new version of Dior Hypnotic Poison EDP is a highly seductive fragrance that respects feminine attraction and sensuality. This feminine, intense and assured style is unparalleled. Indeed, Dior Hypnotic Poison is a “poisonous” scent that can knock anyone down with just one touch, even the most gentle.

Dior Hypnotic Poison EDP perfume brings the sweet, tender and romantic scent of love, but also the bitter and seductive extreme Hypnotic Poison. it is also the smell of love, but in this perfume bottle with the legendary shape of Snow White’s poisoned apple, it is full of mystery and fascination with death.

Dior Hypnotic Poison is also particularly resonant due to the grasping nature of its scent. This scent can stay on for more than 12 hours and can be kept at a distance of more than 2 meters. This is definitely one of the few women’s fragrances that can hold on to the top of the perfume world because of its ability to hold on to the top. Just one spray is enough to give her confidence and charm all day long.

Hermes Elixir Des Merveilles EDP – Starlight at Night

Launched by the Hermès brand in 2006, Hermès Elixir Des Merveilles EDP for women was created by expert perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena.Elixir des Merveilles is made up of Peruvian balsam, vanilla sugar, amber, sandalwood, honeysuckle, patchouli, Siam myrrh, caramel sugar, oak, agarwood The signature scent is made up of orange peel and snowwood.

Hermes Elixir des Merveilles is considered to be a perfect masterpiece of the Hermes brand. From the first layer of the fragrance, you can catch a glimpse of ripe oranges on the tree, bathed in sunlight, mixed with a light sweetness from amber and musk, setting the stage for the performance. The smell of citrus. Unlike what we are used to enjoying before, the amber in Hermès Elixir des Merveilles does not come out to steal the show, but is simply there to support the freshness of the orange opening.

Hermès Elixir Des Merveilles is a fragrance for fall and winter weather. With a scent that lasts for over 12 hours and a long fragrance, it is definitely a suitable product for women who want to show their charms by awakening their man’s sense of smell.

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal By Night Intense EDP – Sweet Pleasure of the Night

Scandal By Night Intense EDP for Women Scandal By Night Intense EDP is a new Jean Paul Gaultier product launched in early 2018.Scandal By Night Jean Paul Gaultier is a passionate and deep floral Cyprus fragrance. Let her show her charms comfortably and freely, stylishly and with a modern touch.

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal By Night Intense EDP has a new and modern scent that is powerful and elegant at the same time. The savagery and naked seduction of Scandal stays the same in By Night, but for this girl, the night is full of glamorous sensuality, naked flesh, shyness and indifference. Ladies that make it impossible for men to keep their composure. If you want to define femininity and sex appeal, then Scandal By Night is a new definition in the mind map of girls who have ever been exposed to it, an irresistible attraction, a masterpiece. It is in a position to prompt the fall of its rivals.

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal By Night Intense EDP has a high concentration of eau de parfum and a high flow of essential oils, so the scent stays on her skin for over 12 hours. The fragrance flies far and spreads widely, causing many to watch from afar and indulge. The cold weather of fall and winter is perfect for Scandal By Night Jean Paul Gaultier.


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