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Laptop manufacturers (computers) based on the needs of customers, thereby creating suitable machine lines, some machine product lines are segmented based on demand as follows.

1. Notebook (LAPTOP)

The reason it is called a laptop because of its compact structure, easy to carry. Unlike a classical computer (with a CPU).
The laptop has been turned away from the bulky part, the CPU case, but still retains some of the key elements that are the keyboard. That trade-off also leads to some limitations on the power of the movement when it has to be miniaturized to fit in a backpack.

Laptop Dell - Intel Core i9, i7, i5. Dell Precision, Latitude, Inspiron

Famous laptop brands such as Asus, Dell, HP, …

2. Computers

A desktop or conventional computer is a computer that operates from a CPU case and requires only long-term use. In jobs that require a lot of information processing power, such as creative writing and editing, desktop computers will have the opportunity to enhance their power.

The leading desktop companies will not forget the two familiar giants, Microsoft and Apple.

3. PC Gaming

This is also a fixed line of computers, but with more specialized versions for gaming needs, the processors or CPUs are now heavily “tuned” to help users get the best experience in the latest games. The gaming series is heavy on graphics and capacity. What a regular computer or laptop can’t handle

The 15 most famous and durable laptop brands in the world – Photo 18 PC games are heavily invested by gamers for operating heavy games

4. Mini PC

As the name implies, a mini PC is a smaller version of a computer. This does not mean that the whole part will be small, the most important part is the CPU, which is the “small” focus of the name.

Another more common name for this series is Mini Computer. Apple is one of the leaders in bringing this product line to the masses.

One thing to note is that although small, the Mini PC has comparable or better power than some traditional PCs.

5. Tablet PCs

An upgraded version of the laptop, the tablet is the most versatile form of computer in terms of size, as it eliminates the need for a keyboard. Many people also use tablets as cell phones.

Top 15 famous and most durable laptop brands in the world – Photo 20

Huawei brand tablet computers

Tablet is one of the modern consumer trends among young people because of its mobility and functionality, which is no different from a regular computer (laptop).

Familiar tablet brands, such as Apple, Samsung, …… are favored for their eye-catching appearance and effective working responsiveness.

Experience of buying a computer, news about laptops

Laptop brands have their own positioning and differ from each other in terms of price, technology and design. Therefore, both the famous laptop brands and the best laptop brands of today can cause a bad experience if they are not suitable.

Here are some tips to make choosing a laptop easier.

The 15 most famous and durable laptop brands in the world – Photo 21

What a newbie needs to keep in mind when buying a computer is

1. Determine your needs

The first step in choosing a computer is to determine your needs. Determining your work and study needs will initially delineate which laptop brands are suitable.

2. choose the right brand

Choosing a laptop brand is like choosing a college major; you must determine which is the right destination before entering that major.

Each laptop brand will have its own flagship product line and the level of investment in technology and team will be mainstream oriented. Choosing a laptop as your strength will better meet the needs and get better support.

Criteria for buying laptops for technical work (developers, data, devops, sysad …) – Video source: Duy Luan Cute

3. Reference warranty model

For users without much experience and conditions, be careful not to choose brands that are too “underground”.

Lesser known brands can make it difficult for users to get warranty service in case of problems. The disadvantage can be described as a long time, or even no warranty, because the company is overseas and has no policy in Vietnam.

4. Consider hardware requirements

Users should know more or less in advance about the laptop before buying to avoid buying a product that does not have the actual needs.

Of course, the consequence is a waste of money, time and inability to use all the features.

5. Design requirements

Next here will be the “just have it” factor. Following trends and design is also an important factor. Everyone would love a sleek laptop.

However, be aware that some laptops focus on looks at the expense of the power of the hardware. A dedicated consultant will help you choose a laptop that is both beautiful and authentic.


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