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Cosmetics brand Black Rouge

About Black Rouge lipstick brand

At the beginning of 2016, the domestic cosmetics market was buzzing with the appearance of the Black Rouge brand. One of the very popular Korean cosmetic brands in the land of kimchi and now Vietnam. But the highlight for the name to come close to the hands of domestic users is the birth of the Black Rouge lipstick line. The high-end lipstick line is enough to conquer all Eva, even if it is the most difficult one.

It can be said that Black Rouge is a rare lipstick brand that continuously launches new product lines to serve users. In it, there are many lipstick lines that have resonated greatly and brought success to the brand. The most typical can be mentioned are Rose Velvet Lipstick, Mousse Blending and Air Fit Tint, …


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What makes this famous brand’s lipstick line unique is the fact that its lipsticks come in very stylish shades that suit the skin of Asian women. Whether the lipsticks are produced in cream or stick form, the product still ensures the two criteria of soft lips and long lasting color.

There is no need to argue about the price of Blackpink lipstick. This is because the selling price applied to each lipstick has been carefully studied to fit the user’s pocket. This is why Blackpink lipstick is known as Hi-End lipstick, but at a very high price. Drugstore!

Due to the extremely outstanding advantages mentioned above, Black Pink lipstick was named as the most popular lipstick brand of 2019 by users. It is also the most popular lipstick line of the year. It is obvious that this product line from Korea has a special appeal to the Eva sisters.

Black Rouge Lipstick Collection’s Outstanding Palette

As mentioned earlier, Black Rouge lipsticks have launched many different product lines to serve all types of customers. However, the following 3 product lines are still the most outstanding lipstick collections when it comes to having a stylish palette that can conquer all women.

1. Black Rouge Mousse Blending Cream Lipstick

Black Rouge Mousse Blending is a cream lipstick that is based on the inspiration of Sweet cotton candy. The high-end lipstick looks very eye-catching when it has a feminine pink casing that is enough to make every girl fall in love at first sight. It is safe to say that this is an extremely luxurious lipstick that every woman would want to have in her handbag compartment.

Apart from the luxurious design, the plus point of the Black Rouge Mousse Blending lipstick collection is the smooth creamy body that is easy to apply and non-sticky. The glossy layer on top has a good grip and gives a plump beauty to the lips without exposing your lipstick marks.

The range consists of a rich palette of 5 different shades to suit a wide range of makeup styles. These include

Color S01 Rosy Cinnamon – A warm peachy red for girls who love lightness and youthful beauty. This product is extremely pigmented when used on medium to light skin tones. However, you should be aware that peach tends to be a little fussy on tooth enamel.

Color S02 Sweet Orange – An orange-red color that exudes youthful energy and is suitable for girls with personality. Orange-red lipstick is suitable for those with light skin tones and white enamel.

Color S03 Classic Beige – Orange-red is a lipstick color that has a harmonious combination of brown orange tones and powerful red tones. Red clay orange lipstick is not picky about skin tone and is suitable for brown skin and fair skin.

S04 Cherry Berry – Purple is a lipstick that has a perfect blend of pink and purple with a hint of ochre. The product is very popular among cake girls who are looking for a princess style. However, this lipstick color is a bit picky about skin tones, so it is only suitable for girls with lighter skin tones.

S05 Milky Latte – Brownish red is the last lipstick color in the list of the Black Rouge Mousse Blending lipstick collection palette. The reddish-brown lipstick is quite flattering to the skin and makes the user feel that the teeth are bright and white. The product does not pick up the user and helps the face to become bright and attractive.

2. Black Rouge Air Fit Velvet Tint

Black Rouge Air Fit Velvet Tint is stored in a cardboard box with a white lipstick lid that allows you to see the red lipstick inside. The design of the square lipstick case helps the product have a luxurious, sophisticated and angular aesthetic.

Talking about the cream, it must be said that this is a thick and creamy lipstick but very soft and easy to stick on the lips. When applying the lipstick on thin skin, I did not experience caking causing loss of beauty to the user. The finish layer is powder-free and does not dry out the lips and does not reveal lip marks during the up to 8 hours of color adherence.

The Black Rouge Air Fit Velvet Tint lipstick collection is known to have a diverse range of shades but still has red as the main color. The lipstick shades that are memorable to women include.

Color A01 Strawberry Red – Strawberry red brings out the brilliant and dazzling beauty of ripe berries. This lipstick has a pure red color that is not picky about skin tone, so it suits a wide range of makeup styles from gentle to deadly seductive.

Color A02 Dry Rose – Dry Rose Red is still essentially an earthy red, but with more red tones. Dry rose petal red lipstick is often used when applying a natural look. This lipstick is suitable to be applied on the lips while going to school or work.

Color A03 Soft Red – Orange red aka brick red. The lipstick color is a perfect combination of red tones and orange tones for a more rosy look. Orange-red lipstick helps to brighten up your skin so that you always look radiant and well toned.

Color A04 Raspberry Syrup – A deep red with a deep red tone but with a hint of pink-orange.


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