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Danger from the harmful effects of alcohol for men

1. What is considered alcohol abuse in men

Alcohol abuse is the process of using them leading to changes in the function of organs in the body; or have some clinical manifestations. In addition, WHO has also set standards to define alcohol abuse as follows:

– Women: consume more than 14 units of alcohol per week; or 2 units of alcohol per day; or more than ½ alcohol units/hour.

– Men: consume more than 21 units of alcohol per week; or 3 units of alcohol per day; or more than 1 unit of alcohol/hour.

* 1 unit of alcohol here according to WHO is equivalent to 10g of ethanol. This level is equivalent to:

2/3 beer bottles of 330ml capacity (5%).

1 cup of draft beer with a capacity of 330ml.

01 80ml wine glass.

1 cup of brandy 25ml (40%).

Bảo vệ gan trước tác hại của bia rượu dịp Tết

This abuse can cause many unpredictable effects of alcohol for men.

2. What men need to know about the harmful effects of alcohol

Adverse effects on appearance

Drinking about 1.6 liters of light beer has the same amount of calories as 1 hamburger with 1 hot dog and 1 douche bagel. This large number of calories will make the male body more prone to belly fat and weight gain.

The reason for this is that alcohol slows down the body’s ability to burn fat because they must first take the time to eliminate the toxins in the alcohol.

Some other harmful effects of alcohol on other male appearances can be mentioned as beer belly, hair loss, testicular atrophy, skin cell disorders leading to rosacea, and a redder face due to dilated blood vessels…. In some cases red bumps like allergies and pus can appear.

Effects on fertility

Excessive use of alcohol in the body can lead to adverse sexual health consequences such as decreased libido, decreased ability to conceive and, in the worst cases, infertility.

Specific consequences of alcohol on sexual health.

Reduced testicular function. Suppressed testes do not develop sperm properly and limit the ability of the ovaries to fertilize. In addition, vitamin metabolism in the liver is hindered, which reduces the quality of sperm.

Decreased testosterone levels: decreased libido, decreased quality, and decreased sperm count.

Erectile dysfunction: weakening of the central nervous system leads to erectile dysfunction in men.

Development of a number of diseases

Hepatitis. A common disease in people who drink alcohol regularly is hepatitis. The symptoms of the disease may be: nausea, loss of appetite, jaundice, abnormalities of the nervous system, abdominal pain,. If detected and treated in time, the disease can go away on its own, but continued use of alcohol. Beer overdose will lead to liver cancer and, in the worst case, death.

In addition, some cases of alcoholism and excessive drinking for 1-2 days in a row may have manifestations such as: insomnia or restless sleep, mental instability, hallucinations, trembling limbs, unsteady walking,… At the same time, alcohol abuse can be an indirect cause of diseases such as gout, heart disease, and stomach problems.

3. How to limit the harmful effects of alcohol on men

It’s hard to say that men should stop drinking because life and work make men go to a lot of parties and drinking is part of the party. However, there are ways to help limit the harmful effects of alcohol on men. Applying the following methods can help you have better health.

Don’t drink too much alcohol at once; just drink in moderation and slowly.

Don’t mix alcohol and beer together, as there is a risk of poisoning due to a sudden increase in blood alcohol concentration.

Eat a little food before drinking and don’t drink alcohol continuously on an empty stomach.

Do not smoke or eat spicy food while drinking.

Choose a good quality beer from a clear source with a clear origin.

You should drink only the recommended amount of alcohol per day. Do not drink large amounts of alcohol leading to abuse.


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